LivWELL Health & Nutrition Program

What if you could look and feel your best every single day? It's possible.

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Created by using cutting-edge strategies and tools, LivWELL health coaching believes in finding inner balance, achieving vibrant health and happiness, and living your best life.  Because, lets face it, everything in life is so much better when you feel good.

Designed to help the busy professional reset the rules on food, fitness, stress-management, sleep, relationships, career, grocery shopping and more.  Benefits of the LivWELL program  include: eating healthier and feeling better, achieving and maintaining your desired weight, boosting your energy and performance, reducing stress, learning new and innovative cooking and meal prep methods, conquering cravings, achieving radiant beauty from within, and developing a new relationship with food that is not based on deprivation, but pleasure. 

This is a powerful program to help you emerge as the best version of YOU, while reaching your highest health potential.  


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Reach Your Health Goals

Enjoy 50-minute weekly sessions for the encouragement and direction you need to get healthy. Olivia is committed to your success and offers additional unlimited consulting by phone, skype, or email (even though she is located in Long Island, NY, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can still work with Olivia!)

what clients are saying..

Olivia has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for nutrition & wellness, and it rubs off subliminally only after a few sessions. She is a role model for optimal health, and she has inspired me to not only improve my nutrition, stress levels, energy and performance... but all areas of my life. I felt like a brand new person at the end. If you get the chance to work with her, don’t think twice.
— Rob J.

people look for retreats for themselves, in the country, by the coast, or in the hills . . . there is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind. . . . so constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself.
— marcus aurelius


 Weight Loss Workshop

This is perfect for friends and family who want to lose weight together but may have had challenges in the past. Olivia has the perfect 8-session plan for groups of all sizes. Everyone receives my top weight-loss resources, handouts, tips and tools to lose and maintain your goal weight. The program is a lot of fun and much of its success is built on the positive support of its members.  This group program will be eight 50-minute sessions in person with all participants.

Eat Healthy | Fuel Yourself with Nutrient Dense Foods, Feel and Look Fantastic

What we eat matters and our food effects how we look, feel and age. This is a perfect group program to do with friends to explore the fundamentals of a whole food nutrient dense diet and lifestyle. In addition, you’ll get my highly sought after Grocery Shopping tour where you’ll learn to be a smart consumer and decipher food labels like a pro. Watch the pounds melt off, tone up, look younger, sleep better, feel better physically and emotionally, have more energy, get glowing skin and lustrous hair, and lower chances of serious diseases and several types of cancer. This group program will be eight 50-minute sessions in person with all participants.

Bring Healthy Cooking and Eating into Your Kitchen | Cooking Demonstration

Customized cooking demonstrations for a group setting.  Olivia will demonstrate to participants how to create nutritious, yummy, easy meals and snacks that will transform their tastebuds and their health. This session typically lasts 60- 90 minutes.

how does the livwell health & Nutrition program work?

1.     First Consultation - Olivia will first offer all clients a 30 min consultation where we will review clients Health history, goals, wellness vision, and how she can best support you. You can ask questions and we can decide if working together will be a good fit. My specialty is helping Corporate American employees and families achieve lasting, vibrant health. Prior to this meeting, Olivia asks that you fill out Health History form as well as a 5-day food log.

2.     Transformative Health Plan Development– After initial Health Consultation, I will develop a custom LivWELL program to address your goals and achieve sustainable, powerful results. Together we will look at how all areas affect the whole and I will provide valuable tools and strategies to help you reach your highest health potential.

3.     First Session – I will suggest my top nutritional and lifestyle changes that will generate immediate results. I will explain each recommendation and give you a crystal clear plan on how to achieve on your own. This will be a 50-minute session in person, over skype or on the phone.

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4.     Every Session After – We will continue to meet weekly, briefly discuss recommendations and progress from prior week, and move onto new topic area and new nutritional and lifestyle changes to focus on. You’ll receive my top tips, techniques, handouts, and resources that will transform the way you think about your health.

5.     Last Session & Reaching Your Goals – We will revisit your goals, wellness vision, recommendations, progress and I will provide final guidance on how to sustain everything that you learned and achieved throughout the program.

If you’ve been wishing, waiting and dreaming of better health and a better life, but not sure how to get there, this program is designed for you.

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