Are you ready to take your health to the next level?  Now you can! Below are Olivia's top strategies and tools to look and feel your best.


livwell nutrition and health program

LivWELL Series Health & Nutrition program is designed to help the busy, working professional reset the rules on food, fitness, stress-management, sleep, relationships, career, grocery shopping and more. This is a powerful program to help individuals emerge as the best version of themselves, while reaching their highest health potential. 

13 Steps to vibrant health - ebook

This powerful eBook includes all the advice and action steps I live and breathe by to achieve vibrant wellness;  ranging from nutrition, fitness, relationships, career to spirituality and more.  It’s the perfect place to start, and it’s all about mastering the fundamentals.

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essential oil workshops

Empowered Living with Essential Oils- Workshop Series

Come learn how these natural gifts of the earth can lift our moods, calm our senses and elicit powerful emotional responses in our bodies. All without synthetic drugs or medication. 100% natural, incredible and life changing.


the wellness toolbox

The Wellness Toolbox is a compilation of my top wellness practical tools and strategies to help working Americans thrive in the workplace. Top themes include how to eat nutritiously, effectively deal with stress, boost energy, lose weight and more. 


cooking classes and demos

Customized cooking demonstrations for a group or individual setting. Olivia will demonstrate how to create nutritious, yummy, easy meals and snacks that will transform your tastebuds and your health. Look and feel amazing. You're worth it.