Healthy Cooking Classes & Demonstrations

 Making healthy food "tastier."


healthy cooking demonstrations

Healthy cooking doesn't have to taste horrible!  If you use the right ingredients and cooking techniques, it's actually delicious. Come learn how to create nutritious, yummy, easy meals and snacks that will transform your tastebuds and your health.  Experience my LIV menu firsthand.. everything ranging from restaurant style lettuce cups, stuffed mushrooms, an Italian fritatta with farm fresh eggs, my goddess green salad, gluten free steel cut oatmeal pancakes with pink lady apples, innovative breakfast smoothies, virgin white peach bellinis...and everything in between.  Each demonstration is custom built for each group or individual based on unique preferences. 

healthy cooking classes

Customized cooking classes for a group or individual setting.  Get ready for a fun, innovative, hands on experience, where you will learn first-hand how to create nutritious, yummy meals and snacks for yourself and the ones you love. 




*Olivia is located in Long Island, NY but conducts healthy cooking classes and demonstrations all over the Northeast. Please inquire.