3 Best Food Documentaries on Netflix

sugar documentary

Getting burnt out from reality tv and mindless television? Looking for deep, rich informative content that will feed your mind, body and soul? And, most importantly help you reach optimal health?!

Over the last decade, the number of food and health documentaries has exploded and the information available to us now is shedding light on rather taboo subjects the food industry might not want us to see. And the best part is,  the stories are fun, compelling and in most cases unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to help clean up your diet, eating habits or interested in learning more about food politics, arm yourself with the information you need to make the best nutrition and lifestyle decisions. Watching a food documentary is a great place to start and fun for the whole family!

Here are my top 3 picks for the best food documentaries you must see on Netflix:


Food Matters

This documentary discusses how many health issues and conditions can simply be treated through healthy diet and nutrition. A compelling and informative film, and  a great place to start.


That Sugar Film

This documentary drives awareness of the hidden sugar in most of our diets, and how this white powder is slowly but surely wreaking havoc on our health, our bodies and overall wellness. You would be surprised how much it's hidden in proclaimed "healthy" foods!  If you’re trying to kick the sugar habit, this one is a must see.


Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

One of the most memorable and compelling documentaries I’ve ever seen and the title always lingers in my mind when speaking with clients who are seeking a major change in their health and well-being.  This documentary follows Joe Cross an Australian businessman through his radical health transformation as he travels across the country and makes conscious changes in his diet and lifestyle. Joe is also an avid juicer and has some great tips, inspiration and recipes on his site here. Check it out!